Our Services

On request

With our global network of dealers and auctions, we are able to take on sourcing requests of items for collectors or special occasions.

Consulting,legal and non legal expertise

Appraisal services, for civil and legal disputes, allowing our customers to understand the true value of their items.

Cumulative and Corporate gifts

Cumulative service, allows large parties of invitees to cumulate their payments, to gift a larger item or set of items, usually appropriate for large dinners or parties. Our clients love this option as an alternative to traditional small repetitive presents.

Corporate gifts are designed for companies who look to gift items for particular recognitions or occasions, to employees / co-workers, ensuring that those moments will be forever remembered.

Wedding list

Wedding list services allow our customers to be the "one stop shop" for their wedding gifts, ranging from price points and tastes, we are able to cater to most.

Our items being unique, will guarantee no duplicates and would tastes change, gift substitution are allowed to make sure that no present is unwanted.


Shipping services available for our clients, anywhere in the world, alongside duty and tax free help.